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Your outdoor space should be a safe and beautiful place to spend time with family and friends. An uneven patio with mild structural damage isn’t a lost cause, thanks to our patio resurfacing services from Tier-1 Concrete. You don’t have to get a complete patio replacement when damaged tiles pose a threat to safety and disrupt the beauty of your concrete floor.

At Tier-1 Concrete, we serve customers in Woodstock and North Georgia with patio resurfacing they can trust. We follow a comprehensive process to give your patio a new look without breaking the bank. Our licensed and bonded team can transform your tired outdoor space into a refreshing area that makes your patio the site of the party.

Are you interested in swapping your dull, crumbling patio for something new? Contact us to discuss our selection of patio designs.

Patio Resurfacing Services

Concrete patios are prone to cracks, stains, and other surface damage from natural and man-made issues, including:

  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Tree roots protruding from the ground
  • Incorrect concrete installation
  • Improper water drainage

Minor damage typically doesn’t require a total patio replacement, but repairs might not be enough to restore your concrete patio’s appearance.

Patio resurfacing resolves structural damage without replacing the entire concrete surface. Concrete patio resurfacing also fixes uneven patios and prevents tree roots and weeds from surfacing.

Choose Patio Resurfacing Instead of the Alternatives

Patio resurfacing in Woodstock is a prime strategy to repair, update, and protect your concrete patio. Alternatives like painting may be a more affordable option but don’t bond long with concrete’s porous surface. While dyes and stains may color your concrete, the most effective solution is a professional resurfacing with a tinted sealant.

Concrete’s versatility for patio applications is never-ending. We can imitate pavers and high-quality stones. Custom designs and color options can give your patio a spectacular edge over the neighbors’ plain-gray outdoor spaces.

Making the Patio Resurfacing Process Stress-Free

As concrete resurfacing specialists, we possess the required knowledge to make your project succeed without a hitch. We work quickly so that you can enjoy your patio again. Our process includes:

  • Grinding concrete surfaces to fix structural issues
  • Cleaning and priming the patio
  • Mixing pigments into resurfacing products
  • Installing overlays via sprays and rollers
  • Implementing patterns and designs
  • Sealing the resurfaced patio

Our Tier-1 Concrete specialists prevent you from experiencing the stress of a damaged patio by taking control of the resurfacing process. Following your specifications and our team’s expertise, we can create and install a beautiful patio design that you can afford, even on a small budget.

Is your driveway suffering from structural damage? Learn more about our driveway services.

Tier-1 Concrete stands as a trustworthy patio resurfacing authority in Woodstock, GA. We have answers to any questions you might have about the patio resurfacing process. Call to schedule an appointment with our experts at 770-380-7505.

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